Prof. Dr. Adler Haymans Manurung,    Sampoerna School of Business, Jakarta

Managing Editor

Pardomuan Sihombing, SE; MSM. Dr (Cand),   PT Recapital Securities

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Roy M. Sembel    PT Bursa Berjangka, Jakarta
Prof. Dr. Ferdinand D. Saragih, MA   University of Indonesia, Jakarta
Prof. Dr. Sukrisno Agoes    University of Tarumanagara, Jakarta
Prof. Nachrowi, Ph.D    University of Indonesia, Jakarta
Helson Siagian, SE. AK, MM, Ph. D   Kementerian Negara Perumahan Rakyat
Prof. Noer Azam Achsani, Ph.D    Institut Pertanian Bogor, Bogor
Parulian Sihotang, SE, Ak, Ph.D, CPMA, QIA, CPRM    BP Migas
Tatang Ary Gumanti, Ph.D    University of Jember
Dr. Jonni Manurung,    Universitas St Thomas, Medan
Dr. Koes Pranowo, SE., MSM    PT Transocean Maritime
Dr. Andam Dewi,    PT Bursa Berjangka, Jakarta
Dr. Abdusalam Konstituanto,    PT Perikanan Nusantara (Persero)
Batara Simatupang, Ph.D    Bank Mandiri Tbk
Wilson Ruben L. Tobing, SE. Ak, M.Si, Ph. D   ABFII Perbanas, Jakarta
Dr. Pahala Nainggolan, SE. Ak, MM    PT Finansial Bisnis Informasi
Dr. Perdana Wahyu Santosa,    University Yarsi, Jakarta
Dr. John.W.Situmorang,    BKPM
Prof. Dr. Apollo Daito M.Si, Ak.,   University of Tarumanagara, Jakarta
Dr. Ishak Ramli,    University of Tarumanagara, Jakarta
Dr. Tongam Sihol Nababan,    University of HKBP Nomensen, Medan

This Journal was given name “Journal of Capital Market and Banking”. This jurnal is published by PT Adler Manurung Press (AMP) associated with Assosiasi Analis Efek Indonesia (AAEI). PT Adler Manurung Press is a publisher company especially in Finance and Banking that established 2006. AAEI is an Association of Analyst in Indonesia that work in Capital Market, Banking and Finance sector. They agreed to published a journal that have objective to promote empirical research in capital market, finance and banking.

This journal invite scholars, researcher and practioner to submit their paper tu publish through this journal. The Journal will be published four times in a year such as February, May, Agustus and November. But, we could publish special edition because it demand from institution or proceding conference. The paper will be accepted to publish that have objective to do empirical research and contribution to development of theory. But this journal will not rejected a paper that explored development of theory without empirical research.

We invite you to send your paper to

Thank You

    Jakarta, March 2012

Download Journal In Here

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