The Code of Hammurabi
Titus Lucretius Carus – Of the Nature of Things

Plato – Shorter Dialogues, Vol. 01
Plato – Shorter Dialogues, Vol. 02
Plato – Shorter Dialogues, Vol. 03

John Locke – A Letter Concerning Toleration
John Locke – The Second Treatise on Civil Government
John Locke – An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1750) Discourse on the Arts and Sciences
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1754) Discourse on the Origin and the Foundations of Inequality Among Men
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1762) The Social Contract
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1770) Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

David Hume – Of the Rise and Progress of the Arts and Sciences
David Hume – Of the Standard of Taste
David Hume (1739) A Treatise of Human Nature
David Hume (1751) Enquiry into the Principles of Morals
David Hume (1757) The Natural History of Religion
David Hume (1762) The History of England
David Hume (1779) Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

Thomas Paine (1776) Common Sense
Thomas Paine (1783) The American Crisis
Thomas Paine (1792) The Rights of Man
Thomas Paine (1795) Agrarian Justice
Thomas Paine (1807) The Age of Reason

George Berkeley (1709) An Essay Towards a New Theory of Vision
George Berkeley (1710) A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge
George Berkeley (1713) Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous, in Opposition to Sceptics and Atheists
George Berkeley (1734) The Analyst
George Berkeley (1734) The Querist
George Berkeley (1735) A Defence of Free-Thinking in Mathematics

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz – Discourse on Metaphysics
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz – The Monadology

Blaise Pascal – Of the Geometrical Spirit
Blaise Pascal – Pensees
Blaise Pascal – The Provincial Letters

Benedict de Spinoza – A Political Treatise
Benedict de Spinoza – A Theologico-Political Treatise
Benedict de Spinoza – On the Improvement of the Understanding
Benedict de Spinoza – The Ethics

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Faust
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – The Sorrows of Young Werther

William Godwin (1793) Enquiry Concerning Political Justice
William Godwin (1794) The Adventures of Caleb Williams
William Godwin (1831) Thoughts On Man

John Stuart Mill (1843) A System of Logic
John Stuart Mill (1869) The Subjection of Women
John Stuart Mill (1873) Autobiography

Arthur Schopenhauer – Counsels and Maxims
Arthur Schopenhauer – Essays of Schopenhauer
Arthur Schopenhauer – On Human Nature
Arthur Schopenhauer – Religion
Arthur Schopenhauer – Studies in Pessimism
Arthur Schopenhauer – The Art of Controversy
Arthur Schopenhauer – The Art of Literature
Arthur Schopenhauer – The Wisdom of Life

Frederic Bastiat – The Bastiat Collection
Frederic Bastiat – The Economics of Freedom
Frederic Bastiat – The Law

William James (1890) The Principles of Psychology
William James (1902) The Varieties of Religious Experience
William James (1906) The Moral Equivalent of War
William James (1907) Pragmatism
William James (1909) A Pluralistic Universe
William James (1909) The Meaning of Truth
William James (1911) Memories and Studies
William James (1912) Essays in Radical Empiricism

G.W.F. Hegel – The Phenomenology of Mind

G.W.F. Hegel – Philosophy of Right

G.W.F. Hegel – Philosophy of History

Adam Smith – The Theory of Moral Sentiments

Adam Smith – The Wealth of Nations

David Ricardo – The Works and Correspondence Volume 01

David Ricardo – The Works and Correspondence Volume 02

David Ricardo – The Works and Correspondence Volume 03

David Ricardo – The Works and Correspondence Volume 04

Karl Marx – The Difference Between the Democritean and Epicurean Philosophy of Nature

Karl Marx – Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

Karl Marx – On The Jewish Question

Karl Marx – Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844

Karl Marx – The Poverty of Philosophy

Karl Marx – Wage Labour and Capital

Karl Marx – Article From Neue Rheinische Zeitung

Karl Marx – Heroes of the Exile

Karl Marx – Pre-Capitalist Economic Formations

Karl Marx – Grundrisse der Kritik der Politischen Okonomie

Karl Marx – Capital Volume 1

Karl Marx – Capital Volume 2

Karl Marx – Capital Volume 3

Karl Marx – Critique of the Gotha Programme

Karl Marx – Value, Price and Profit

Frederick Engels – Anti-Duhring

Frederick Engels – Socialism; Utopian and Scientific

Frederick Engels – The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

Frederick Engels – The Peasant Question in France and Germany

Ludwig Feuerbach – Towards a Critique of Hegel_s Philosophy

Ludwig Feuerbach – The Essence of Christianity

Ludwig Feuerbach – Principles of Philosophy of the Future

Ludwig Feuerbach – Lectures on the Essence of Religion

John Stuart Mill – Considerations on Representative Government

John Stuart Mill – On Liberty

John Stuart Mill – Principles of Political Economy

John Stuart Mill – Utilitarianism

Paul Lafargue – The Right To Be Lazy

Paul Lafargue – The Evolution of Property from Savagery to Civilization

Paul Lafargue – Social and Philosophical Studies

Eduard Bernstein – Ferdinand Lassalle

Eduard Bernstein – Cromwell and Communism

Eduard Bernstein – Karl Marx and Social Reform

Eduard Bernstein – Evolutionary Socialism

Eduard Bernstein – My Years of Exile

Eduard Bernstein – Patriotism, Militarism and Social-Democracy

Karl Kautsky – Frederick Engels

Karl Kautsky – The Economic Doctrines of Karl Marx

Karl Kautsky – The Class Struggle

Karl Kautsky – Thomas More and His Utopia

Karl Kautsky – Exchange on Historical Materialism

Karl Kautsky – Communism in Central Europe in the Time of the Reformation

Karl Kautsky – The Social Revolution

Karl Kautsky – Ethics and the Materialist Conception Of History

Karl Kautsky – Foundations of Christianity

Karl Kautsky – Socialism and Colonial Policy

Karl Kautsky – The Road to Power

Karl Kautsky – The Capitalist Class

Karl Kautsky – High Cost of Living

Karl Kautsky – Are the Jews a Race

Karl Kautsky – Terrorism and Communism

Karl Kautsky – The Dictatorship of the Proletariat

Karl Kautsky – Georgia

Karl Kautsky – Ireland

Karl Kautsky – The Labour Revolution

Karl Kautsky – Communism and Socialism

Karl Kautsky – Hitlerism and Social Democracy

Karl Kautsky – Marxism and Bolshevism

V.I. Lenin – Karl Marx
V.I. Lenin – The State

G.V. Plekhanov – Socialism and the Political Struggle

G.V. Plekhanov – Our Differences

G.V. Plekhanov – The Meaning of Hegel

G.V. Plekhanov – The Materialist Conception of History

G.V. Plekhanov – Essays on the History of Materialism

G.V. Plekhanov – Anarchism and Socialism

G.V. Plekhanov – The Development of the Monist View of History

G.V. Plekhanov – A New Champion of Autocracy

G.V. Plekhanov – Belinski and Rational Reality

G.V. Plekhanov – Bernstein and Materialism

G.V. Plekhanov – Materialism or Kantianism

G.V. Plekhanov – On the Alleged Crisis in Marxism

G.V. Plekhanov – Cant Against Kant

G.V. Plekhanov – Cowardly Idealism

G.V. Plekhanov – Scepticism in Philosophy

G.V. Plekhanov – Art and Social Life

G.V. Plekhanov – The Bourgeois Revolution

Michail Bakunin – God and the State

Michail Bakunin – Writings

Pëtr Kropotkin – Brain Work and Manual Work

Pëtr Kropotkin – The Commune of Paris

Pëtr Kropotkin – The State

Pëtr Kropotkin – Anarchism; Its Philosophy and Ideal

Pëtr Kropotkin – Anarchist Morality

Pëtr Kropotkin – Memoirs of a Revolutionist

Pëtr Kropotkin – Communism and Anarchy

Pëtr Kropotkin – Modern Science and Anarchism

Pëtr Kropotkin – Mutual Aid

Pëtr Kropotkin – Fields, Factories and Workshops

Pëtr Kropotkin – Syndicalism and Anarchism

Pëtr Kropotkin – The Conquest of Bread

Pëtr Kropotkin – The Great French Revolution 1789–1793

Pëtr Kropotkin – Ethics

Pëtr Kropotkin – Wars and Capitalism

Pëtr Kropotkin – Revolutionary Government

Pëtr Kropotkin – The Direct Action of Environment and Evolution

Eugen Bohm-Bawerk – Capital and Interest

Eugen Bohm-Bawerk – The Function of Saving

Eugen Bohm-Bawerk – The Historical vs. The Deductive Method in Political Economy

Eugen Bohm-Bawerk – The Positive Theory of Capital

Antonio Labriola – Essays on the Materialist Conception of History

Antonio Labriola – Socialism and Philosophy

Benedetto Croce – Historical Materialism and the Economics of Karl Marx

Emma Goldman – Anarchism and Other Essays

Emma Goldman – Living My Life

Emma Goldman – Marriage and Love

Emma Goldman – My Disillusionment in Russia

Emma Goldman – Patriotism

Rudolf Rocker – Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism

Rudolf Rocker – Anarchism and Sovietism

Rudolf Rocker – Marx and Anarchism

Rudolf Rocker – Nationalism and Culture

Rudolf Rocker – The Tragedy of Spain

Ernest Mandel (1951) The Theory of State Capitalism
Ernest Mandel (1955) The Marxist Theory of Imperialism and Its Critics
Ernest Mandel (1964) After Imperialism
Ernest Mandel (1964) Defend the Cuban Revolution
Ernest Mandel (1964) The Economics of Neo-Capitalism
Ernest Mandel (1966) Surplus Capital and Realization of Surplus Value
Ernest Mandel (1967) An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory
Ernest Mandel (1967) International Capitalism and Supra-Nationality
Ernest Mandel (1967) The Centenary of Marx’s Capital
Ernest Mandel (1967) The Cultural Revolution
Ernest Mandel (1967) The Labor Theory of Value and Monopoly Capitalism
Ernest Mandel (1968) The Crisis of the International Monetary System
Ernest Mandel (1968) The Dollar Crisis
Ernest Mandel (1968) Workers Under Neo-Capitalism
Ernest Mandel (1969) Marxist Theory of the State
Ernest Mandel (1969) The Crisis of the International Monetary System
Ernest Mandel (1969) The Debate on Workers’ Control
Ernest Mandel (1969) The Inconsistencies of State-Capitalism
Ernest Mandel (1970) Intellectuals and the Third World
Ernest Mandel (1970) Peaceful Coxistence and World Revolution
Ernest Mandel (1970) The Causes of Alienation
Ernest Mandel (1970) The Changing Role of the Bourgeois University
Ernest Mandel (1970) The Economic Roots of American Imperialism
Ernest Mandel (1970) The Strategic Orientation of the Revolutionists in Latin America
Ernest Mandel (1971) Imperialism and National Bourgeoisie in Latin America
Ernest Mandel (1971) Rosa Luxemburg and German Social Democracy
Ernest Mandel (1973) In Defence of Leninism
Ernest Mandel (1973) The Beginning of a Revision of Marxism
Ernest Mandel (1974) Petrodollars
Ernest Mandel (1974) The Generalized Recession of the International Capitalist Economy
Ernest Mandel (1974) The Gulag Archipelago
Ernest Mandel (1975) International Capitalist Economy
Ernest Mandel (1975) Liebman and Leninism
Ernest Mandel (1975) The Imperialist Defeat in Vietnam
Ernest Mandel (1975) The Recession and the Prospects for the International Capitalist Economy
Ernest Mandel (1976) A Hesitant, Uneven, and Inflationary Upturn
Ernest Mandel (1976) On the Current Stage of World Revolution
Ernest Mandel (1976) Revolutionary Strategy in Europe
Ernest Mandel (1980) Historical Materialism and the Capitalist State
Ernest Mandel (1981) The Laws of Motion of the Soviet Economy
Ernest Mandel (1982) China; The Economic Crisis
Ernest Mandel (1982) On Althusser, Party and Class
Ernest Mandel (1982) The Role of the Proletariat
Ernest Mandel (1982) World Monetary Crisis
Ernest Mandel (1985) Dictatorship of the Proletariat and Socialist Democracy
Ernest Mandel (1985) Marx, the Present Crisis and the Future of Labour
Ernest Mandel (1987) Bureaucracy and Commodity Production
Ernest Mandel (1989) How To Make No Sense of Marx
Ernest Mandel (1989) The Marxist Case for Revolution Today
Ernest Mandel (1992) Socialism and the Future
Ernest Mandel (1992) Why Keynes Isn’t the Answer
Ernest Mandel (1993) Socialism or Neoliberalism
Ernest Mandel (1993) The Nature of Social-Democratic Reformism

Chris Harman (1967) Russia; How the Revolution was Lost
Chris Harman (1968) Party and Class
Chris Harman (1973) Marxist Economics and the World Today
Chris Harman (1975) The Struggle in Ireland
Chris Harman (1977) Gramsci versus Eurocommunism
Chris Harman (1979) Crisis of the European Revolutionary Left
Chris Harman (1979) Do Wages Cause Inflation
Chris Harman (1979) Imperialism, East and West
Chris Harman (1979) Why Labour Fails
Chris Harman (1980) Monetarism for Beginners
Chris Harman (1980) State Capitalism in Crisis
Chris Harman (1980) Theories of the Crisis
Chris Harman (1981) Marx’s Theory of Crisis and Its Critics
Chris Harman (1981) State Capitalism, Armaments and the General Form of the Current Crisis
Chris Harman (1981) The Crisis Last Time
Chris Harman (1983) Philosophy and Revolution
Chris Harman (1984) Class Struggle Hots Up
Chris Harman (1984) The Revolutionary Press
Chris Harman (1984) Women’s Liberation and Revolutionary Socialism
Chris Harman (1985) 1984 and the Shape of Things to Come
Chris Harman (1985) What Do We Mean by …The General Strike
Chris Harman (1986) Base and Superstructure
Chris Harman (1986) The New Opium
Chris Harman (1986) The Working Class after the Recession
Chris Harman (1987) Full Marx
Chris Harman (1989) From Feudalism to Capitalism
Chris Harman (1989) The Myth of Market Socialism
Chris Harman (1989) The Struggle Goes On
Chris Harman (1990) Criticism which Does Not Withstand the Test of Logic
Chris Harman (1991) Battle of the Giants
Chris Harman (1991) The Evolution Revolution
Chris Harman (1991) The State and Capitalism Today
Chris Harman (1992) Return of the Eastern Question
Chris Harman (1992) The Market Falls from Fashion
Chris Harman (1992) The Nation Once Again
Chris Harman (1992) The Return of the National Question
Chris Harman (1993) No More Miracles
Chris Harman (1993) Where is Capitalism Going
Chris Harman (1994) Change at the First Millennium
Chris Harman (1994) Engels and the Origins of Human Society
Chris Harman (1994) The Prophet and the Proletariat
Chris Harman (1995) Economics of the Madhouse
Chris Harman (1995) From Bernstein to Blair
Chris Harman (1996) France’s Hot December
Chris Harman (1996) Globalisation
Chris Harman (1996) The Crisis of Bourgeois Economics
Chris Harman (2007) Gramsci, the Prison Notebooks and Philosophy
Chris Harman (2007) Snapshots of Capitalism Today and Tomorrow
Chris Harman (2007) The Rate of Profit and the World Today
Chris Harman (2007) Theorising Neoliberalism
Chris Harman (2010) Not all Marxism is Dogmatism

John Bellamy Foster (1997) The Crisis of the Earth
John Bellamy Foster (1998) Malthus’ Essay on Population at Age 200
John Bellamy Foster (1998) The Communist Manifesto and the Environment
John Bellamy Foster (1998) The Scale of Our Ecological Crisis
John Bellamy Foster (1999) Is Overcompetition the Problem
John Bellamy Foster (1999) Marx’s Theory of Metabolic Rift
John Bellamy Foster (2000) Capitalism’s Environmental Crisis
John Bellamy Foster (2000) Marx and Internationalism
John Bellamy Foster (2000) Monopoly Capital at the Turn of the Millennium
John Bellamy Foster (2000) The Dialectic of Organic-Inorganic Relations
John Bellamy Foster (2004) Empire of Barbarism
John Bellamy Foster (2005) Naked Imperialism
John Bellamy Foster (2005) The Treadmill of Accumulation
John Bellamy Foster (2006) The New Geopolitics of Empire
John Bellamy Foster (2007) The Financialization of Capitalism
John Bellamy Foster (2008) Ecology; The Moment of Truth
John Bellamy Foster (2008) Financial Implosion and Stagnation
John Bellamy Foster (2008) Marx’s Critique of Heaven and Critique of Earth
John Bellamy Foster (2008) Peak Oil and Energy Imperialism
John Bellamy Foster (2008) Rachel Carson’s Ecological Critique
John Bellamy Foster (2008) The Financialization of Capital and the Crisis
John Bellamy Foster (2009) A Failed System
John Bellamy Foster (2009) Capitalism in Wonderland
John Bellamy Foster (2009) Ecological Imperialism
John Bellamy Foster (2009) The Paradox of Wealth
John Bellamy Foster (2009) The Sales Effort and Monopoly Capital
John Bellamy Foster (2010) Capitalism and the Curse of Energy Efficiency
John Bellamy Foster (2010) The Financialization of Accumulation
John Bellamy Foster (2010) The Great Financial Crisis
John Bellamy Foster (2011) Samir Amin at 80
John Bellamy Foster (2011) The Internet’s Unholy Marriage to Capitalism
John Bellamy Foster (2012) A Missing Chapter of Monopoly Capital
John Bellamy Foster (2012) The Endless Crisis
John Bellamy Foster (2012) The Global Stagnation and China
John Bellamy Foster (2012) The Planetary Emergency
John Bellamy Foster (2012) The Planetary Rift and the New Human Exemptionalism
John Bellamy Foster (2012) Weber and the Environment
John Bellamy Foster (2013) Ecosocialism Against Marxism
John Bellamy Foster (2013) Marx and the Rift in the Universal Metabolism of Nature
John Bellamy Foster (2013) Marx, Kalecki, and Socialist Strategy
John Bellamy Foster (2013) The Cultural Apparatus of Monopoly Capital
John Bellamy Foster (2013) The Fossil Fuels War
John Bellamy Foster (2014) Beyond the Degradation of Labor
John Bellamy Foster (2014) Paul Burkett’s Marx and Nature Fifteen Years After
John Bellamy Foster (2014) Piketty and the Crisis of Neoclassical Economics
John Bellamy Foster (2014) Surveillance Capitalism
John Bellamy Foster (2015) Chavez and the Communal State
John Bellamy Foster (2015) Crossing the River of Fire
John Bellamy Foster (2015) Late Soviet Ecology and the Planetary Crisis
John Bellamy Foster (2015) Marxism and Ecology
John Bellamy Foster (2015) The Great Capitalist Climacteric
John Bellamy Foster (2015) The New Imperialism of Globalized Monopoly-Finance Capital
John Bellamy Foster (2016) Marx as a Food Theorist
John Bellamy Foster (2016) Marx’s Theory of Working-Class Precariousness
John Bellamy Foster (2016) Marx’s Ecology and the Left
John Bellamy Foster (2016) Monopoly Capital at the Half-Century Mark
John Bellamy Foster (2016) The Anthropocene Crisis
John Bellamy Foster (2016) The Opt Out Revolt; Democracy and Education
John Bellamy Foster (2017) Capitalism, Exterminism and the Long Ecological Revolution
John Bellamy Foster (2017) Revolution and Counterrevolution, 1917–2017
John Bellamy Foster (2017) The Anthropocene Crisis
John Bellamy Foster (2017) The Long Ecological Revolution
John Bellamy Foster (2017) Third Nature
John Bellamy Foster (2017) This Is Not Populism
John Bellamy Foster (2017) Trump and Climate Catastrophe
John Bellamy Foster (2018) A New Marxian Century
John Bellamy Foster (2018) Making War on the Planet
John Bellamy Foster (2018) Marx, Value, and Nature
John Bellamy Foster (2018) Marx’s Open-Ended Critique
John Bellamy Foster (2018) Socialism; A Necessity for Human Survival
John Bellamy Foster (2018) The Crisis of Capital
John Bellamy Foster (2018) The Expropriation of Nature
John Bellamy Foster (2018) The Great Financial Crisis
John Bellamy Foster (2018) The Hope of Ecosocialism
John Bellamy Foster (2018) The Robbery of Nature
John Bellamy Foster (2018) There is Still Time for an Ecological Revolution
John Bellamy Foster (2018) Value Isn’t Everything
John Bellamy Foster (2018) Women, Nature, and Capital in the Industrial Revolution
John Bellamy Foster (2019) Absolute Capitalism
John Bellamy Foster (2019) Capitalism Has Failed; What Next
John Bellamy Foster (2019) Imperialism in the Anthropocene
John Bellamy Foster (2020) COVID-19 and Catastrophe Capitalism
John Bellamy Foster (2020) Marxism and Ecology
John Bellamy Foster (2021) Capital and the Ecology of Disease

A. James Gregor (2009) Marxism, Fascism, and Totalitarianism

Alan Maass (2017) Marxism and Democracy

Alan Woods – Revolusi Tiongkok 1949

Alan Woods & Ted Grant (2000) Marxism and the National Question

Alan Woods & Ted Grant (2006) Reason in Revolt

Alan Woods (2000) Marxism and the Theory of Long Waves

Alex Callinicos (1976) Assault on Marx’s Theory of Value

Alex Callinicos (1977) In Defence of Violence

Alex Callinicos (1978) Marx’s Capital and Capitalism Today; A Critique

Alex Callinicos (1980) Cuba, Socialism and the Third World

Alex Callinicos (1981) Politics or Abstract Propagandism

Alex Callinicos (1981) Wage Labour and State Capitalism

Alex Callinicos (1982) Marxism and Philosophy

Alex Callinicos (1982) The Rank-and-File Movement Today

Alex Callinicos (1982) Trotsky’s Theory of Permanent Revolution

Alex Callinicos (1983) The ‘New Middle Class’ and Socialist Politics

Alex Callinicos (1985) The Politics of Marxism Today

Alex Callinicos (1989) Bourgeois Revolutions and Historical Materialism

Alex Callinicos (1991) Marxism and Imperialism Today

Alex Callinicos (1992) Race and Class

Alex Callinicos (1994) Crisis and Class Struggle in Europe Today

Alex Callinicos (1996) New Labour or Socialism

Alex Callinicos (1997) Minds, Machines and Evolution

Alex Callinicos (1998) World Capitalism at the Abyss

Alex Callinicos (1999) Marx; Hit and Myth

Alex Callinicos (2001) Plumbing the Depths; Marxism and the Holocaust

Alex Callinicos (2001) Toni Negri in Perspective

Alex Callinicos (2002) The Grand Strategy of the American Empire

Alex Callinicos (2005) Can We Change the World without Taking Power

Alex Callinicos (2005) Imperialism and Global Political Economy

Alex Callinicos (2006) Making Sense of Imperialism

Alex Callinicos (2007) At an Impasse

Alex Callinicos (2007) Does Capitalism need the State System

Alex Callinicos (2009) Revolutionary Paths

Alexandra Tran (2020) In Defense of Exploitation

Anders Bartonek & Anders Burman (2018) Hegelian-Marxism


KARL MARX – Brumaire XVIII Louis Bonaparte

KARL MARX – KAPITAL Buku 02; Proses Sirkulasi Kapital

KARL MARX – KAPITAL Buku 03; Proses Produksi Kapitalist Secara Menyeluruh

KARL MARX – Kemiskinan Filsafat

KARL MARX – Kerja Upahan dan Kapital

KARL MARX – Upah Harga dan Laba

KARL MARX – Asal-usul Kapitalis Industri

Marx & Engels – Keluarga Suci

Marx & Engels – Manifesto Partai Komunis

FREDERIC ENGELS – Ludwig Feuerbach dan Akhir Filsafat Klasik Jerman


FREDERIC ENGELS – Masalah Perumahan

FREDERIC ENGELS – Perang Tani di Jerman

FREDERIC ENGELS – Tentang Das Kapital Marx

FREDERICK ENGELS – Dialektika Alam

G.V. Plekhanov – Masalah2 Dasar Marxisme

G.V. Plekhanov – Seni & Kehidupan Sosial

G.V. Plekhanov – Sosialisme Utopian Abad XIX


V.I. LENIN – Komunisme Sayap Kiri

V.I. LENIN – Materialisme dan Empiriokritisme


V.I. LENIN – Sosialisme dan Kaum Tani

FREDERIC BASTIAT – Hukum; Rancangan Klasik untuk Membangun Masyarakat Merdeka

FRIEDRICH A. HAYEK – Jalan Menuju Perbudakan

JEFFREY HADLER – Sengketa Tiada Putus; Matriarkat, Reformisme Islam, dan Koloniasme di Minangkabau

Jindrich Zeleny – Logika Marx

Johan Norberg – Membela Kapitalisme Global

Lawrence W. Reed – Mitos Meleset Malaise

Ludwig von Mises – Menemukan Kembali Liberalisme

Nikolai Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky – Hubungan Estetik Seni dengan Realitas

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin – GEJALA MANUSIA

WIM F.WERTHEIM – Dunia Ketiga Dari dan Ke Mana

B.M. RACHMAN – Islam dan Liberalisme

BILL BRUGGER (ed) – Marxisme Tiongkok Dalam Pergolakan 1978-1984

CLEMENS RECKER – Liberalisme Arab


Erhard Eppler – Melindungi Negara dari Ancaman Neoliberal


ONGHOKHAM Rakyat dan Negara

Soekarno – Indonesia Menggugat

Soekarno – Mentjapai Indonesia Merdeka

Sjam; Lelaki dengan Lima Alias

SEMAOEN – Hikayat Kadiroen

TAN MALAKA; Bapak Republik yang Dilupakan

Tan Malaka – Semangat Muda

Tan Malaka – Rencana Ekonomi Berjuang

TAN MALAKA – Parlemen atau Soviet

TAN MALAKA – Menuju Republik Indonesia



TAN MALAKA – Aksi Massa

TAN MALAKA – Nasrani Dalam Tinjauan Madilog


YB MANGUNWIJAYA – ‘Cah Bodho Sangsaya Akeh or Arang’


YB MANGUNWIJAYA – Demokrasi Tak Pernah Jatuh Dari Langit

YB MANGUNWIJAYA – Djocjacartum Esse Delendum


YB MANGUNWIJAYA – Kiri dan Kanan Dalam Sprachspiele

YB MANGUNWIJAYA – Mencari Landasan Sendiri

YB MANGUNWIJAYA – Mengapa Republik Indonesia Serikat

YB MANGUNWIJAYA – Menghormati Rahasia Jabatan

YB MANGUNWIJAYA – Pemecah Pusel dan Pemikir Paradigma

YB MANGUNWIJAYA – Pesta Ular Kobra


YB MANGUNWIJAYA – Republik Indonesia Abad Ke-21

YB MANGUNWIJAYA – Rohaniwan Tak Boleh Berpolitik

YB MANGUNWIJAYA – Suatu 10 November

YB MANGUNWIJAYA – Teologi Pemerdekaan

HATTA; Jejak yang Melampaui Zaman

NATSIR; Politik Santun Di antara Dua Rezim

NJOTO; Peniup Saksofon Di Tengah Prahara

S.TIONG DJIN & OEY HAY DJOEN – Sumbangsih Siauw Giok Tjhan & Baperki


Aidit; Dua Wajah Dipa Nusantara

Alexander Supartono – Lekra Vs Manikebu



Hayunta dan Wasono (Eds) – PEREMPUAN dalam PEMILUKADA

M. Firdaus et.al – MARI BICARA FAKTA

Mirza Ronda (ed) – Belajar dari 10 Propinsi di Indonesia


Yulius P Hermawan – Peran Indonesia dalam G-20

Abdul Rokhmat Sairah – Metamorfosis Kapitalisme

Amien Tohari dkk – Dinamika Konflik dan Kekerasan di Indonesia

Faisal Basri et.al – Menemukan Konsensus Kebangsaan Baru

Basri & Putra – Mengelak dari Jebakan Penghasilan Menengah di Indonesia

Franz Magnis-Suseno et.al – Agama, Keterbukaan dan Demokrasi

Frederic Bastiat – Hukum

Hamid Basyaib – Membela Kebebasan

Ben Anderson – Cina Di Indonesia

Ben Anderson – Negara Kolonial Dalam Baju Orde Baru

Bipan Chandra – Kolonialisme, Tahap-Tahap Kolonialisme dan Negara Kolonial

Bonnie Setiawan – Ekonomi Pasar yang Neo-Liberalistik vs Ekonomi Berkeadilan Sosial

Deepa Kumar – Islam Politik; Suatu Analisis Marxis

Azca & Cahyono – Konflik dan Reformasi TNI di Era SBY

Farchan Bulkin – Kapitalisme, Golongan Menengah dan Negara; Sebuah Catatan Penelitian

Farchan Bulkin – Negara, Masyarakat dan Ekonomi

Farchan Bulkin – Pokok-pokok Pikiran Mengenai Kelas Menengah

Joseph E. Stiglitz – Konsensus Washington

Ruth T. McVey – Mengajarkan Modernitas

Thomas Meyer – Dari Partai Kepemimpinan Otoriter Ke Partai Massa

Thomas Meyer – Demokrasi Sosial dan Libertarian

Thomas Meyer – Kompromi

Thomas Meyer – Peran Partai Politik dalam Sebuah Sistem Demokrasi

Tobias Gombert dkk. – Landasan Sosial Demokrasi

Kamil & Amaliya – Menatap Indonesia dari Kampus Bulaksumur

Lola Amelia et.al – Jaminan Kesehatan untuk Masyarakat Miskin Kota

Nugroho & Syarief – Melampaui Aktivisme Click

Coen Husain Pontoh – Membedah Tantangan Jokowi-JK

Daron Acemoglu – Mengapa Negara2 Gagal

Dede Mulyanto – Marxisme Dan Evolusi Manusia

Duménil & Foley – Analisa Marx Atas Produksi Kapitalis

Louis Althusser – Ideologi dan Aparatus Ideologi Negara

Makmur Keliat et.al – Tanggung Jawab Negara

Martin Suryajaya – Imanensi Transendensi

Martin Suryajaya et.al – Marxisme dan Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa

Martha A. Gimenez – Kapitalisme dan Penindasan Perempuan

Martha Harnecker – Sosialisme Abad Keduapuluh Satu

Albo dan Fanelli – Penghematan Melawan Demokrasi

Alfred D. Ticoalu – Tak Ada Penyiksaan Terhadap 6 Jenderal

Dede Mulyanto & Coen Husain Pontoh – Bela Islam atau Bela Oligarki

Reza A.A Wattimena – Bahagia, Kenapa Tidak

Reza A.A Wattimena – Dunia dalam Gelembung


Reza A.A Wattimena – Penelitian Ilmiah dan Martabat Manusia

Reza A.A Wattimena – TENTANG MANUSIA

Vaclav Klaus – Kebebasan dan Politik Perubahan Iklim


Benedict Anderson – Nasionalisme Indonesia Kini dan di Masa Depan

EDI CAHYONO – Pekalongan 1830-1870


JOHN ROOSA – Identitas Bangsa Indonesia Berubah Total Sesudah 1965

JOHN ROOSA (ed) – Tahun Yang Tak Pernah Berakhir; Memahami Pengalaman Korban 65

Greg Barton – ABDURRAHMAN WAHID; Muslim Democrat, Indonesian President

WORLD BANK – Era Baru dalam Pengentasan Kemiskinan di Indonesia

WORLD BANK – Protecting Poor and Vulnerable Households in Indonesia


Thomas S. Raffles – The History of Java Vol.01

Thomas S. Raffles – The History of Java Vol.02

YAP BOON HUI – Diary of a Mass of Stones; Borobudur in People’s Experiences

YOHANES SULAIMAN – The Banteng and the Eagle


Alexander C. Chandra – A Dirty Word; Neo-Liberalism in Indonesia’s Foreign Economic Policies

Alexander C. Chandra – Maximizing the Utilization of ASEAN-Led Free Trade Agreements


Angel Rabasa and John Haseman – The Military and Democracy in Indonesia. Challenges, Politics, and Power

Angel Rabasa and Peter Chalk – Indonesia’s Transformation and the Stability of Southeast Asia

Bambang Purwanto – Peasant Economy and Institutional Changes in Late Colonial Indonesia


Daniel Esty and Mari Pangestu – Globalization and The Environment in Asia

Daniel Oleksiuk – Asian Values and the Spirit of Capitalism


Delik Hudalah – Peri-Urban Planning in Indonesia



Hersumpana – Indonesianisasi dan Ekonomi Off-Farm Pribumi

IDEA – Penilaian Demokratisasi di Indonesia

Jayasuriya & Rosser – Economic Orthodoxy and the East Asian Crisis

John Strauss et.al – Indonesian Living Standards Before and After the Financial Crisis. Evidence from the Indonesia Family Life Survey

Ragna Boden – The ‘Gestapu’ events of 1965 in Indonesia

Ravallion & Huppi – Poverty and Undernutrition in Indonesia during the 1980s

Rodolfo Leyva – Neoliberalism and the Cultural and Political Dispositions and Practices of Millennials in London and LA

Ross H. McLeod – Soeharto’s Indonesia; a better class of corruption’

Rus’an Nasrudin et.al – Tobacco Economic of Indonesia


Saleh As’ad Djamhari – STELSEL BENTENG DALAM PEMBERONTAKAN DIPONEGORO 1827-1830; Suatu Kajian Sejarah Perang



Toby Carrol – The World Bank’s Socio-institutional Neoliberalism; A Case Study from Indonesia

Vedi R. Hadiz – Decentralisation and Democracy in Indonesia

Sajogyo Institute Working Paper

“…Sedang work in process…!!!”

Forest Peoples Programme


Pelajaran dari Konflik, Perundingan dan Kesepakatan antara Desa Senyerang dengan PT Wira Karya Sakti

Menakar Sawit; Riset Kawasan, Korupsi, dan Pendapatan Daerah di Sulawesi dan Kalimantan

Mediasi; strategi atau tujuan? “Sebuah catatan perjalanan dan pengalaman mediasi konflik antara PT Asiatic Persada dengan kelompok Suku Anak Dalam Batin Sembilan di Jambi”

Ekspansi Kelapa Sawit di Asia Tenggara; Kecenderungan dan Implikasi bagi Masyarakat Lokal dan Masyarakat Adat

Manis dan Pahitnya Tebu: Suara Masyarakat Adat Malind dari Merauke, Papua

Konflik atau Mufakat; Sektor Kelapa Sawit di Persimpangan Jalan

Kekerasan Terhadap Perempuan Adat, Baik Tua dan Muda: Sebuah fenomena yang kompleks

Beragam Jalur Menuju Keadilan: Pluralisme Hukum dan Hak-Hak Masyarakat Adat di Asia Tenggara

Pelanggaran HAM dan konflik lahan di konsesi PT Asiatic Persada di Jambi

Habis Manis Sepah Di Buang; Melihat Keberadaan Kesepakatan Dini Tanpa Paksaan Antara Sumalindo dan Masyarakat Long Bagun Kutai Barat Kalimantan Timur

Panduan untuk Kebijakan Bank Dunia Tentang Masyarakat Adat

Kunjungan ke Tanah Wana: Masyarakat Hutan Indonesia

REDD? Awas! Hutan, mitigasi perubahan iklim dan hak-hak masyarakat adat

Tanah yang Dijanjikan: Minyak Sawit dan Pembebasan Tanah di Indonesia: Implikasi terhadap Masyarakat Lokal dan Masyarakat Adat

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      Mohon bantuannya🙏

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      Terima kasih banyak dan sukses terus utk anda.

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