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Namoura Gayo Arabics


Coffee from Takengon, Center of Aceh or commonly called Aceh Gayo coffee is already famous in the world. As the name implies, this coffee is managed by the Gayo people who are original Aceh residents. This type of coffee is one of the most widely consumed coffees as well as exported abroad. Premium product quality, with professional quality control, Quality control by machine and manual sorting process (Double Picked).


  • Single Origin Aceh Gayo Arabica Coffee with Grade 1 quality
  • Processing Method: Semi-washed
  • Altitude: +/- 1,400m
  • 11-13% Moisture; Defect 0-3%
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Suitable for roasters and also coffee connoisseurs who like to roast by themselves

Come join us here with our Namoura Gayo Arabics.

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